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Peyton lost her mother to ovarian cancer. There are some great items up for auction on eBay. There's a sweet poker table signed by 30 WSOP pros. Also items from Matusow and Raymer. The highlight has to be this one:


You are bidding on a Bobby Bracelet , Donkey Puncher, and AlCantHang HUGE PACKAGE of priceless collector’s items and once in a lifetime opportunities.

First up is a set of framed collector’s edition photographs of Bobby Bracelet, Donkey Puncher, and Sir Soco, three of the most elite poker bloggers this world has ever seen. Each photo has been carefully selected based on a rigid set of standards set forth by DP, the Bracelet, all living CantHang’s, and the Franklin Mint. Thousands were discarded to ensure you received the highest quality photos of these prolific individuals that time and money can buy.

Capture your inner David as Donkey Puncher has done in our first selection. Nothing says “I am Man” like a good solid David pose, and the Puncher of Donkeys has not disappointed here. This photo will be signed, and if you’re lucky DP will write a few special words of encouragement as well.

When the Bracelet sits down to play poker he brings more than just the pain, he brings cold hard cash. (Dollar Dollar Bills Ya’ll!) Check-raising douche bags has never been more fun than in today’s poker crazy world. Keep a sexy reminder of what this game is all about by placing this photo of Bobby Bracelet on your mantle, above your bed, or in your bathroom. The Bracelet will not only sign this photo, but he’ll also write his now famous catch phrase, “Don’t forget to min-raise your Aces!”

From signing autographs for little kids who think he’s a rock star to personally keeping Southern Comfort in business, nobody deserves to be placed in a frame and onto your wall more than Sir Alcanthang. Here is your chance to take down that Jackson Pollock you were conned into buying. I mean seriously, a small child with a blindfold on could have done that. Now you have a reason. Signed with love, this one of a kind photo wants you almost as much as you want it.

Finishing up the framed and signed collector’s items, DP and the Bracelet were captured playing Power Poker at the same final table while AlCantHang can be seen in the background admiring Bobby‘s charisma and mad poker skillz. Signed and framed, this unbelievable photo contains many of your favorite poker bloggers playing against, or watching these two A-List bloggers as well. It’s also visual proof that Bobby does more than lose at blackjack, DP doesn’t spend every waking moment doing his hair or posing like David, and Al doesn‘t always have a Soco in his hands.

Lastly, as if Jesus himself put this package together, you have the opportunity of a lifetime. Why? Because Bobby Bracelet, Donkey Puncher, and Reverend AlCantHang will grace the winners of this package with their presence. Yes, allow the 860th Greatest Poker Player in the World (as of 6/3/05), the Vidal Sassoon of Poker Bloggers, and the only human being with more Southern Comfort in his system than blood, to crash your home game, hit up the town for drinks, or maybe just fill you in on how not to suck at blogging. The world is your oyster. Travel must be reasonable so foreign countries are probably out of the question, but hey, make it worth our while for Peyton and maybe we can make an exception.

Just in case your head hasn’t exploded yet, we’ve thrown in a copy of the great book by Michael Craig, The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King. Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time.

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