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April , the new disc from Sun Kil Moon, is being streamed on myspace  through March 20.  I wore out their 1st disc a couple years ago and freaked out a home game when we were using my mp3 as "background" music and someone just set it to most played.  You see it's not exactly party music to most people.  Yet I am so super excited that I am actually using verbs here on B.a.D. So if you are so inclined, go get your slowcore on! Not sure why I like this artist when most in this vein i don't like at all, i guess it's mojo or sumthin...

Hopefully this musical opiate will help me wrap up my final projects for school, then Thursday morning off to Reno bitches!  I will be slumming as much as I can, maybe $10 NCAA wagers and free coffee-like substance while my homie crushes the $1000 NL tourney that I'm too prudent to play. Or low limit omaha with the locals - no smiling please! you whippersnapper.

Reno, broke, and sober 5 great Nights!  think how awesome my trip reports will be!

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